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If you plan to build a new home, you will no doubt have lots of questions about how best to proceed. I am here to help you to understand the different things you need to consider when planning and constructing a new property. I don't work in the construction industry but last year, I successfully built a new property using a team of construction contractors. The contractors were real professionals who worked quickly and to a very high standard. They were very kind to me and took the time to explain exactly what they were doing at each stage of the construction job.


Engineering Surveys You Will Need for Your Subdivision Development

17 March 2019
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If you are a contractor and you are starting a new subdivision development, you may know that certain engineering surveys are required. If this is the first development you have worked on, you may not know which survey services will be necessary. Here are a few of the services that engineers will offer, what you need to know about each one and how each survey can help with your subdivision development. Read More …

Two situations in which you should hire a portaloo for your home renovations

15 February 2019
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Whilst it is not always necessary to use the services of a portaloo hire company when renovating your home, there are situations in which it would be sensible to do so. Continue reading to find out what these situations are. You're pregnant If you are pregnant and are planning to be involved in the renovation work, then it is definitely worth renting a portaloo. The reason for this is as follows; it is very common for pregnant women to need to urinate frequently. Read More …

3 Trends That Are Likely Going to Impact the Construction Industry

28 January 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Maritime transport is often the go-to mode of transportation for construction contractors, mainly due to the bulkiness of construction materials such as steel and concrete. However, over the last few years, changing global environmental regulations have led to changes in the maritime transportation sector. Notably, the changes will have both a direct and an indirect impact on the construction industry. This article looks at the critical trends in maritime transport that are currently affecting the construction industry. Read More …

Architectural Features for the Construction of a Contemporary Custom Home

4 January 2019
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Although contemporary architecture has been around for decades, it is only in recent years that new homeowners have started to pay close attention to trends that will make their home have a contemporary appeal. Thus, if you are constructing a new house, you get the opportunity to introduce this concept into your custom home from scratch! While contemporary architecture adds modernity to your home that will add a timeless appeal to your space, you need to know what features to focus on to bring your vision to life. Read More …

The Benefits of Using Screen-Shading and Solar Windows

11 December 2018
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When your HVAC system needs to work overtime, and the temperature inside your home is starting to rise, it's worth considering solar windows. Also known as screen shading, solar windows with a Renson-like finish come with lots of benefits. If you're not sure whether you want to add some to your home, it's worth learning more about what they do. You should see a significant reduction in your energy bills  Read More …