Architectural Features for the Construction of a Contemporary Custom Home

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Architectural Features for the Construction of a Contemporary Custom Home

4 January 2019
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Although contemporary architecture has been around for decades, it is only in recent years that new homeowners have started to pay close attention to trends that will make their home have a contemporary appeal. Thus, if you are constructing a new house, you get the opportunity to introduce this concept into your custom home from scratch! While contemporary architecture adds modernity to your home that will add a timeless appeal to your space, you need to know what features to focus on to bring your vision to life. This article casts a spotlight on a few of the architectural features you can incorporate in the construction of contemporary custom homes.

Unique materials

One of the tenets of contemporary design is thinking out of the box. And there is no better place to start than with your construction supplies. Rather than choose traditional building materials, you should opt for supplies that are rarely seen in residential settings. Some of the unconventional supplies you could experiment with include natural stone, steel concrete and so on. As a bonus, elect to utilise natural supplies so that the construction of your custom home is eco-conscious too!

Open spaces with maximum lighting

Another architectural feature that will add a sense of contemporary design to your custom home is large windows. An abundance of light characterises modern interior design. Thus, when constructing your custom home, be sure to prioritise the inclusion of numerous large bay windows that will stream natural light into your home. You could also go as far as including skylights too so that they can illuminate any shadows present in darkened corridors. Once you have designed your windows, you should also choose for open-plan spaces. The fewer walls inside your custom home, the more light that will permeate the entire residence.

Flat roofing

Gables and pitched roofs may be eye-catching, but these have a traditional appeal about them. Sleek lines and geometric symmetry characterise modern design. Therefore, rather than have a raised roof, you should opt for a flat one instead. Flat roofs are not merely visually complementary to contemporary architectural style, but a flat, overhanging roof will also provide you with extra shade that can be utilised as an entertainment space. Additionally, the overhang of the flat roof will protect your structure from direct exposure to precipitation and other harsh elements. You could even choose to create a walkway to the roof for more usable space!