Engineering Surveys You Will Need for Your Subdivision Development

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Engineering Surveys You Will Need for Your Subdivision Development

17 March 2019
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If you are a contractor and you are starting a new subdivision development, you may know that certain engineering surveys are required. If this is the first development you have worked on, you may not know which survey services will be necessary. Here are a few of the services that engineers will offer, what you need to know about each one and how each survey can help with your subdivision development. 

Site Planning Survey

The first engineering survey that you will need, especially in the early developmental stages of the subdivision, is a site planning survey. This survey uses a mixture of two different surveys to help determine how to plan the subdivision ranging from homes to plumbing and power sources. The survey combines a traditional boundary survey with a topographical survey to determine if there are any issues with the development plan. For example, the topography of the land may show inclines that more suited for natural drainage than the drainage you have marked. The site planning survey will point out these issues allowing you to work around issues in the early stages of development.

Construction Survey

Once you have the site planning survey completed, you can begin with the placement of the homes as well as the streets and other aspects of the subdivision. In order to ensure that your markings are correct and your placement of the subdivision aspects are accurate, you will need a specific engineering survey. This survey is called a construction survey. It helps to mark off all the aspects of the subdivision and make any changes before actual construction begins. The survey can also be used for the plumbers, electricians, and contractors that will help develop the subdivision throughout the building process.

Boundary Survey

Boundary surveys are the most common engineering surveys. These surveys are used in residential and business planning to determine the boundary lines of the property as a whole. For subdivision developments, the boundary survey will help determine the property lines for the subdivision as a whole as well as for each home lot. This can be vital in the final development stages before construction begins. Keep in mind, these boundary surveys are also used for each individual deed in the subdivision for the homeowners.

If you know you will need one or more of these engineering surveys and services, contact your local contractor firm. They can help you with questions, scheduling a consultation, and with determining what surveys you need. They can also offer additional services based on your needs for the development.