Asbestos Removal Tips

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Asbestos Removal Tips

9 June 2022
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Asbestos removal helps shield your family or the occupants of a commercial building from the devastating health effects of inhaling asbestos fibres. Most people do not quite comprehend the asbestos removal process. Below is a comprehensive asbestos removal guide.

Asbestos Surveys

The truth is that most homeowners and commercial property owners do not have an accurate estimate of the volume of asbestos on their property or the location of asbestos inside the structure. Although they might be aware of an asbestos roof or ceiling, they might not know whether the walls, floors, or insulation contain hazardous material. Therefore, the asbestos removal process starts with a survey to establish the presence, location, and volume of asbestos on the property. Usually, these surveys, also known as asbestos audits, are conducted by accredited professionals. During the audit, the professional takes samples from your home for testing and performs a thorough investigation to determine the location of the material. Consequently, the surveyor provides you with an asbestos report with recommendations on how best to manage the asbestos.

Asbestos Removal 

The best way to manage friable and non-friable asbestos is through removal. Although non-friable asbestos is considered safe, the building occupants could unknowingly damage the asbestos, putting their lives at risk. For instance, a shop owner who intends to conduct a fit-out could unknowingly pull down an asbestos wall. Consequently, your kids could scratch an asbestos surface at home. Therefore, you should consider immediate abatement if the asbestos report shows your property has asbestos-containing materials. 

The rule is to hire an asbestos abatement company to remove the asbestos-containing material from your home. Vet the company to ensure it observes safety when removing and disposing of the materials. Moreover, ensure the company insures its employees and has adequate general liability insurance. 

During removal, the company expects you to clear the room containing asbestos materials. It ensures asbestos fibres do not fall on electronic equipment, furniture, or your clothes. If the property has significant asbestos contamination, the company could ask you to move out as its employees conduct the abatement works. It is a sure way to keep you, your family, and other occupants safe. The company could also alert neighbours to close their windows when removing asbestos-containing materials located outside the property. For instance, when removing an asbestos roof. 

The abatement crew dampens the asbestos-containing material before carefully removing it to avoid structural damage. Consequently, the material is sealed in asbestos-approved plastic bags, ready for disposal at an appropriate landfill. The company then cleans and vacuums your home to remove any fibres. The abatement personnel also conduct an air test to ensure the house is safe for occupation.