Four Benefits Of Pine Framing

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Four Benefits Of Pine Framing

8 April 2022
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Pine framing is an affordable, renewable and environmentally sustainable building material. The versatility of pine buildings allows for a quick and easy build, making it the perfect choice for farmers and other users who may be building themselves. Here are four benefits of Pine Framing

1. Pine Framing Is Affordable

Pine is a very affordable building material. Being lighter than hardwood, pine construction uses less material. This means that pine is not only cheaper at the point of purchase, but also cheaper to transport. Because pine is lighter, it can be transported on more vehicles at any one time. This means that transport costs will always be lower for pine than for heavier materials like hardwood. Pine can also be left untreated without rotting or warping which means there's no need to pay extra for preserving or treating the material.

2. Pine Framing Is Renewable

Pine trees are one of the fastest-growing trees on the planet, making them a renewable resource. They are also the most commonly grown tree in South Africa, with over 3 million hectares of plantation pine forests in the country. This means that we have a steady supply of pine available for use as a building material. Because of their fast growth rate, new trees can be planted to replace those that are taken down when they reach maturity. 

3. Pine Framing Is Made Out Of Treated Timber

Pine timber can be treated so that it lasts longer. The sapwood can be saturated with copper-based chemicals using pressure treatment that makes the wood resistant to decay, termites, and water damage. Treated timber comes in a variety of colours such as green, brown, or yellow. Pressure-treated wood will last longer than untreated timber with minimal maintenance required once installed.

4. Pine Framing Is Naturally Resistant To Insects And Fire

Construction framing lumber is often treated with insecticides and flame retardants during the manufacturing process. These chemicals can be harmful to humans and the environment, which has led many people to prefer natural alternatives, such as pine framing, which has a natural resistance to these hazards. The wood's unique cellular makeup also makes it highly resistant to splintering, while its natural oils give it some protection against rot and decay.

Pine framing is a great choice for a number of reasons. It provides better stability than other wood types, and its lightness means it is easily milled and shaped to your needs. For more information on pine framing, chat with a friendly member of the team today.