All You Need To Know About Mobile Scaffolding

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All You Need To Know About Mobile Scaffolding

8 February 2022
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Most people are aware of steel, cantilever, single and double scaffolding since they are a feature of high-rise buildings under construction. However, little is known about mobile scaffolds. Continue reading this excerpt to learn about mobile scaffolds. 

What Is Mobile Scaffolding? 

A mobile scaffold is an elevated platform supported by a series of standards, ledgers and couplers. It is a single platform with castors at the bottom. The castors prevent you from dismantling the scaffolding as you move it around the site. The scaffold has a ladder that you use to access the platform at the top. Unlike steel and cantilever scaffolding, mobile scaffolds are independent structures. As such, you do not need to pin them to walls at the site. Mobile scaffolding is ideal for small-scale construction work such as painting, electrical repairs and roof installation. Notably, mobile scaffolds have a limited height compared to their counterparts. 

What Should You Consider When Hiring Mobile Scaffolds? 

Below are some mobile scaffolding rental tips: 

  • Establish the maximum height you intend to access to determine the height of the scaffold.
  • When deciding on the scaffold's weight limits, do not merely consider your weight. Consider any equipment and building materials you will have on the platform.
  • The rental company could ask you to choose between aluminium and steel scaffolding. Aluminium is lightweight; hence you will have an easy time assembling and moving the scaffolding. Conversely, steel is studier and heavier than aluminium.
  • Examine the scaffolding build quality. For instance, what is the distance between the ladder steps? Do the ladder steps have sufficient surface area to prevent slips? Does the scaffolding have supports and outriggers to increase stability?
  • Inspect the mobile scaffold to identify defects such as a damaged platform, bent or welded standards, and missing couplers. 

What Safety Measures Should You Observe When Using Mobile Scaffolds? 

The thumb rule is that mobile scaffolds should be installed and used on rigid surfaces. When working on uneven surfaces, build a platform to keep the scaffolding stable. When renting the scaffolding, ask for an installation manual or request the company to offer installation services. After installation, inspect the scaffold to ensure all standards, ledgers, and couplers are tightly locked in place. Board the scaffolding using the ladder and not the standards. Remember to lock the castors and install the supports before climbing onto the platform. Do not move the scaffold with someone or equipment on board. Finally, do not use mobile scaffolding during rains and storms.

For more information on mobile scaffolding, contact a company near you.