Are You Planning An Extension To Your Property?

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Are You Planning An Extension To Your Property?

11 February 2021
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There are lots of reasons that you might be thinking about extending your home. Perhaps, your family has grown, or you want to give each of your children their own bedroom. Maybe, you would like a dedicated office space. Alternatively, you could have bought a home because of its ideal location and always intended to extend it once you moved in. Home extensions are a common way of ensuring that your property continues to be suitable for the needs of your family but getting home extensions right requires considerable thought. You must ensure that you don't spend more money than needed or end up with a property that is not suitable for your family. Here are three things that you must do to make certain that any home extensions you carry out will be successful.

Produce a detailed plan

Planning is always central to successful home extensions. You must know exactly what you want your extension to achieve and must plan every detail before you start work. The building work will obviously need to be planned but you can't overlook all of the finishing works as well. Home extensions are about more than creating a physical space, as you need to think about how that space will be used as well. Consider how light the room will be, what type of flooring you want, where the electrical sockets will be fitted, and what fixtures you want to have in place. Knowing from the start how this extension will look will ensure that you avoid the need for costly changes halfway through the build or shortly after construction is completed.

Obtain the legal permissions

Home extensions nearly always require some level of permission from the proper authorities. As such, you may need to bring in surveyors, architects and other building professionals to conduct investigations, draw up plans and to submit applications to the planning authorities.  

Choose the right builders

Choosing the best building team will the only way to make certain that your project is completed successfully. Look for a team with a proven track record of creating home extensions and take the time to go through the plans with them before building work starts. Discuss not only the materials that will be used during construction but the timescales involved. You must know how long each part of the job will take, especially the parts that will impact the way you can use your property.

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