Is your bathroom sufficiently waterproof?

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Is your bathroom sufficiently waterproof?

18 November 2020
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Which room in your home is the wettest? Assuming that your property is structurally sound and no water is coming in from the outside the only two rooms in your home which will have much water in them should be your kitchen and your bathroom. Of these two, the bathroom will probably be much wetter with people running baths, climbing in and out of the shower, and splashing water around in the sink.

With all of that water dripping and splashing around the bathroom you should ensure you have a suitable level of bathroom waterproofing in place. Bathroom waterproofing not only ensures that your home does not become damaged it also keeps your home compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

1. Why does bathroom waterproofing matter?

You might think that a little extra water won't do much harm and that it will soon dry out if it happens to land anywhere that it shouldn't. However, water has the potential to cause serious damage to your bathroom if it manages to penetrate below the surface of your walls or floor and it could leave you with structural problems. The best way to keep your home safe is to employ a company to undertake bathroom waterproofing so that no excess water can penetrate below the surface.

2. What happens during bathroom waterproofing?

When you arrange for bathroom waterproofing you are actually asking for someone to fit a waterproof membrane that stops water penetration. This waterproof membrane is often fitted when your property is first built but it can also be fitted or replaced during bathroom renovations or repair. The type of membrane that you decide to fit will depend on the size and style of your bathroom and should be decided in consultation with your bathroom waterproofing company. They will have the experience to know how to adequately protect every part of your room. They will have to consider the required water-resistance of both the wall and floor of your shower and the areas around your bath. The contractors must consider the sufficiency of the waterproofing and the height which the bathroom waterproofing must reach.  

To find out more about how you can properly protect your bathroom and the rest of your home speak to your local waterproofing company right away. They will be able to explain what bathroom waterproofing involves, how it can be done in your home and how to stay within budget.