Is It Worthwhile To Include A Ducted Vacuum Cleaner In Your Construction Budget?

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Is It Worthwhile To Include A Ducted Vacuum Cleaner In Your Construction Budget?

19 August 2020
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When planning the construction of your forever home, you get the chance to incorporate an array of features and amenities that will work towards making your daily life as convenient and enjoyable as possible. For some homeowners, this may translate into the integration of a sunroom, a deck, a swimming pool and so on. However, have you considered a ducted vacuum cleaner? Although similar to a traditional vacuum in that the ducted variety will collect dirt, this is the only way they compare. Ducted vacuum cleaners eliminate the mess of tangled cords and the heavy lifting required to transport the vacuum to every room since it is built into the house during construction! Regardless of whether you have been contemplating if a ducted vacuum cleaner is an addition that you want, or this is your first time learning about it, here are a couple of reasons why included a ducted vacuum cleaner in your construction budget will be worthwhile.

A ducted vacuum cleaner makes cleaning a breeze

One of the qualities of a ducked vacuum cleaner that makes it attractive to the modern homeowner is the ease at which it makes cleaning your residence. During construction, you can identify the best place to locate the power unit as well as the inlet valve. Once construction is complete and you want to clean, all you need to do is take the hose with you attach it into the inlet valves in the various rooms to engage in vacuuming! Eliminating the stress of lugging around your vacuum and cleaning out the garbage receptacle biannually streamlines your overall cleaning routine. This effortlessness makes it even more beneficial for homeowners that do not particularly enjoy chores!

A ducted vacuum cleaner improves air quality

One of the major concerns that homeowners have regarding their health is their indoor air quality. Over the years, indoor air has steadily become heavily polluted from contaminants both from outside. For example, keeping your windows open will allow smoke, pollen and other exterior pollutants to make their way into your home. Once inside, these contaminants circulate through your AC vents and this translates into breathing in the same, contaminated recycled air. When you choose to invest in a ducted vacuum cleaner for your home build, you are being proactive about keeping the air in your house free from pollutants since it is easy to vacuum each room in the house. This attribute is especially advantageous for individuals that live with respiratory illnesses and allergies.

Further advantages you are bound to enjoy when you invest in a ducted vacuum cleaner for your house are the longevity of the equipment, muted cleaning and more.