Two Tips for Those Who Want to Turn Their Concrete Driveway Into a Garden

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Two Tips for Those Who Want to Turn Their Concrete Driveway Into a Garden

24 June 2020
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If you have no need for the concrete driveway that currently exists on your property and would like to turn it into a garden, you might want to give these tips a read.

Get a contractor who provides concrete removal services to help you

It is important that you use a contractor's concrete removal services when you are ready to start tearing out the driveway. The reasons for this are as follows; concrete is a very solid and tough material which can be hard to break apart.

If you tear out your driveway yourself with the manual tools you already own (such as a hammer, a chisel and pickaxe), it will probably turn out to be an absolutely back-breaking task that will sap your energy and leave you so exhausted and sore that you may have to take a few days off before you can begin the next phase of your project. If, in an attempt to make things easier for yourself, you rent a jackhammer, you could lose control of this powerful equipment and either damage the ground near the driveway or injure yourself.

By letting a contractor remove the concrete with their own set of professional tools, which they know how to use in a way that will get this task done safely and speedily, you can ensure this initial phase, which is probably the least exciting aspect of the garden project, gets completed without any fuss, injuries or damage that might impede your progress.

Consider leaving a small strip of concrete in place

When discussing the removal of the concrete driveway with the contractor, you might want to ask them to leave one long strip of concrete in place. Whilst this would be hard for a novice to do, a professional who removes concrete for a living should be able to achieve this fairly easily.

The reason you might want to do this is that you could use the existing concrete and all of the stable sub-layers beneath it as a ready-made garden path. All you would have to do after the other parts of the driveway have been torn out is patch up the cracked edges of this concrete strip with some mortar to stabilise them and stop them from crumbling. If you were planning to make a new path anyway, taking this approach could make this garden project simpler, quicker and less expensive by sparing you the effort and cost of building this feature.