Top Tips When Choosing an Industrial Contractor

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Top Tips When Choosing an Industrial Contractor

13 February 2020
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Are you looking for an industrial contractor? Could be you want to build a showroom, manufacturing premises or a cold storage room. The article below discusses the various considerations you should make when hiring an industrial contractor. 


The contractor should have conducted similar works in the past. Unlike residential projects, industrial construction presents various challenges. For example, you may need to install complex packaging and processing equipment, assembly lines, mills, boiler rooms and industrial robots. Conduct due diligence by contacting some of the contractor's previous clients. Inquire about his or her work ethic, ability to handle the project and relationship with clients.


The contractor should be licenced to work in your locality. Further, he or she should be affiliated with professional organisations. The industrial contractor should provide a comprehensive range of services. These would include; 

  1. Design services such as preliminary studies to determine an appropriate building design, site analysis and space planning. The ultimate goal of design is to come up with blueprints that will be used to construct the facility.
  2. Pre-construction services will help determine the project deadline. The contractor will also conduct a risk analysis to examine any hazards onsite.
  3. The contractor should help you seek the required building permits from the local council.
  4. Other than construction work, you may want a contractor who supplies building materials

The contractor should have well-maintained construction equipment. Further, he or she should have insurance coverage to protect your property, employees and members of the public.


Does the contractor have adequate funds to handle your project? Evaluate the contractor's finances to determine if he or she has access to cash or bank finance. A bankrupt contractor will not have money to pay employees or hire plant equipment. A well-funded contractor is probably good at what he or she does and has completed many successful projects. 


Ask a few contractors to bid for the project. You may need to hire a quantity surveyor or industrial construction consulting firm to help examine the quotes. Choose a company that provides quality services at a reasonable price. 

Evaluate the terms of the contract. For example, when and how should you make payments? How much deposit should you pay? The agreement should compel the contractor to meet project deadlines. Further, it must have a reasonable method of contract termination and dispute resolution.

Use the above tips to help you select an industrial construction company. Examine the company's specialisation, professionalism, finances and pricing.