Three Ideas To Enhance Your Garden Landscape

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Three Ideas To Enhance Your Garden Landscape

25 November 2019
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Creating a beautiful garden allows you to get creative and express your personality. Incorporating natural stone, timber and bricks are just several ways that you can enhance the landscape. Here are three ideas to consider. 

Gravel Pathways

A gravel pathway is a perfect way to add decoration and colour to the garden while providing a useful trail. Fill your path with colourful and smooth river stones in pinks, greys, creams and blues. With softened edges, buffed by running river water across eons, the gravel doesn't have the jagged edges of machine-crushed rock. For an organic feel, wind and curve the trail so that it mimics the rounded lines of natural foliage. 

Border the path with mid-sized boulders or stone blocks to contain the gravel and prevent it from scattering in all directions. You could create a low seat at the side by building-up the stone in a natural way. Consider how to harmonise the hues. You could, for instance, spread sandy-toned gravel in the centre and lay blue-shaded stone along the sides. 

Edging For Garden Beds

Edging your garden beds with similar materials will help to create a sense of cohesion to the landscape. It will also provide the perfect excuse to introduce new textures and elements to contrast with the foliage and soil. Create an ordered feel with red bricks lining the plants or add a rustic touch by laying treated pine sleepers, which can double as seating if high enough. Stone boulders will also help to contain the soil and prevent run-off during heavy rains. For a modern effect, you could border the garden with aluminium edging.

Retaining Walls For Raised Areas

Even though your garden terrain might be flat, you can add ups-and-downs by incorporating a retaining wall around a raised garden area. Create a decorative focal point with a round bed in a prominent position, reminiscent of an old-style water well. Weathered red bricks will add to the charm of the feature, and overflowing lush foliage and flowers will delight the eye. 

Alternatively, construct the heightened areas along the perimeter of the garden or alongside the driveway to create a border effect. Raised garden beds provide easier access to your plants; you won't have to kneel or bend so low. You can use a wide variety of materials, including stone, timber and concrete, that are available from your landscape supplier to construct the wall. The benefit of concrete is that it's open to virtually limitless design and colour options; you could even cover it with cement render in a hue to match your home.

Next time you think about updating your landscape, go somewhere that sells landscape supplies and see what is available.