Areas of Your Yoga Studio that Need Stainless Steel Floor Wastes

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Areas of Your Yoga Studio that Need Stainless Steel Floor Wastes

9 October 2019
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When you think of stainless steel floor wastes, you tend to think of the food service industry. The truth is, these types of floor grates can be beneficial in other businesses as well. For example, if you are considering opening a yoga studio, there are several areas of your business that can benefit from these grates. Here are a few of those areas and what to know about the placement and reasoning for floor wastes in these areas:

Bathroom Area

The bathroom area of your yoga studio likely consists of a simple changing area, sinks, and toilets. You may not think about this area as needing stainless steel floor wastes. There is one main reason that you need these types of grates in the bathroom of your yoga studio -- that reason is overflow. No matter how well maintained your plumbing is, you will have issues with toilets overflowing and sinks clogging. You can also have plumbing fixtures that get stuck with the water running. These issues can all lead to overflow and can flood your bathroom floor. With the placement of stainless steel floor wastes, you can collect this water and funnel it to the plumbing to keep the area as clear as possible for repairs.

Shower Areas

An increasing number of yoga studios are expanding to offer showering areas. This is especially true in studios that offer options such as hot yoga where sweating is part of the yoga plan. If you are considering showering areas, you will need well-placed stainless steel floor wastes. These are usually placed around the shower entrances and sinks to help with water flow from the showers. These grates allow heavier water flows than traditional shower drains. They can also provide a larger catch for hair and other debris that may clog traditional drains. This means that you have less chances of major plumbing clogs and less need for emergency plumbing calls.

Outdoor Meditation Areas

Some yoga studios have outdoor meditation areas. These areas may be covered to prevent harsh sun or light rain during the meditation sessions. When the rain becomes heavy, or if you are in an area with heavy snow that can melt quickly, you will need a drain-off area. A way you can do this is with stainless steel floor wastes. This is especially true if you need smaller grates than outdoor drainage options would provide. It is also true if you will be placing the floor wastes near the doorway to your studio to prevent flooding into the studio or into the meditation area. 

If you are still considering opening a yoga studio and these uses of stainless steel floor wastes appeal to you, contact your local contractor. They can assist you with types, sizes and placement of the floor wastes or grates you choose. They can also answer questions you have regarding the maintenance of these areas and any routine scheduled maintenance you should consider.