When Do You Need a Lot Line Survey?

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When Do You Need a Lot Line Survey?

30 August 2019
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Very few homeowners think carefully about the real boundaries to their property. They move in and assume that the existing fences mark the boundary to their home. Unfortunately, problems arise when they add something to their homes, such as a garage or a deck, and a neighbour complains that someone is encroaching on their property. Fortunately, these are disputes which can easily be solved by the municipal council by carrying out a lot line survey. Here are some of the common indications that your property may need a lot line survey.

If the Property Is New

One of the best times to do a lot line survey on property is when the property is new. Before getting into a home, it is advisable to get a land surveyor and establish the true boundaries of the property. Once you make an offer on a property which you liked, you call in the surveyors and have them establish the true boundaries to the land. This will help avoid conflicts with neighbours should you decide to make upgrades on the property, add a fence or make other similar changes.

When There Is a Boundary Dispute

You may have bought a piece of property and already moved in. However, if a neighbour is complaining about the boundary lines, or you feel like they are encroaching into your side, you can ask for a lot line survey. Lot line surveys are the only legal way to establish property boundaries, and courts can order them if the dispute has reached a level where both parties are unable to reach an amicable and out-of-court solution.

When Applying for Upgrade Permits

Most lot line conflicts arise when one of two neighbours applies for a land upgrade permit and realises that the true property boundaries are not where they originally thought them to be. When this happens, both parties are supposed to order a lot line survey from reliable surveyors. They will demarcate property boundaries afresh and ensure everyone understands their property bounds.

These are the three most common reasons why you may need a lot survey. A lot survey gives you the lot dimensions. Remember that even though fences are used to indicate where the property starts or ends, it is common to find them erected away from the actual lot boundary. When you hire competent surveyors, you can establish the true boundaries to your property and build within your scope.