Three Top Tips for Success in the Bulk Haulage Business

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Three Top Tips for Success in the Bulk Haulage Business

30 August 2019
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Bulk haulage is one of the largest sectors in the country's transport business. Due to the dangers associated with hauling bulky items, there are many rules, regulations and logistics that have been put in place to prevent damages and accidents. Most people have a hard time understanding and following all the rules. If you need to transport bulky items, such as construction materials, from one point to another, you should understand haulage regulations beforehand. Here are the three top tips that will assure you of complete success in the process.

Plan the Journey Well Beforehand

Before putting anything on the truck and starting the journey, you need to plan every step of the process. Start by establishing the weight of the luggage that you will be hauling and its nature. These two things will help you determine what type of truck to use for the transport, depending on its capacity and load limit. Additionally, map out the route that you wish to follow in the hauling process. Study the route carefully for any stops, weighbridges and restrictions. When you plan all these factors ahead of time, you will be simplifying your journey.

Adhere to the Road Restrictions

The transport regulation bodies understand all the complications that can arise when transporting bulky items from one point to another. To reduce the dangers that these mishaps could pose to the general public, they put in place restrictions. You should respect all these restrictions because they have been put in place for your safety. Most drivers think that weight restrictions are put in place as a precautionary measure. However, ignoring height and weight restrictions will leave you stuck at low bridges. You might also have to re-route your journey, which further complicates a haulage process that could have been simple.

Rest Enough Throughout the Journey

Hauling a truck full of construction material or other heavy items is not an easy thing. As you plan your journey, remember that you will need to stop and rest every few hours. Ensure that these pit stops are part of the schedule for the freight. Also, make sure you are well-rested before the journey, and have some music to listen to so you can avoid boredom on the road.

The easiest way to move construction materials from one point to another is cooperating with a bulk haulage company. Attempting to haul the load is expensive and could lead to losses when the driver is inexperienced. These companies have qualified drivers and a fleet of vehicles to carry out the process seamlessly.