Developing a Lot? This Is Why You Need Subdivision Mapping

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Developing a Lot? This Is Why You Need Subdivision Mapping

11 May 2019
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Buying a lot for potential development into your first home is a milestone a great number of Australians aspire towards. And once you purchase the said lot, you may be rearing to go when it comes to the construction of your house. Before you start the construction process of acquiring blueprints, it is critical to start by having the land surveyed and subdivided accordingly.

Subdivision mapping is essential since it is what gives you clarity on the potential of the property. Without subdivision mapping, you could end up making critical mistakes that can end up jeopardising your dream home down the line. If you have never heard of subdivision mapping, read on for a couple of reasons why you need it prior to developing your lot.

Subdivision mapping explains how best to use the land 

The foremost reason why you need to engage subdivision mapping services before you start construction on your lot is to establish how you can use the land. The subdivision mapping will help you understand how you can break down your land into smaller lots if you want to build multiple structures or want to develop it into specific lots that you will sell.

Take note that the subdivision process is legally guided to ensure that there will be sufficient space for the purposes you have for the individual lots. Thus, the process entails the domination of boundary lines, the drainage of the lots and a detailed topographic survey of the land. All these factors will influence whether you will be able to construct on the land, which provides you with an accurate idea on how to go about real estate planning for your lot.

Subdivision mapping broaches environmental matters

The second reason why subdivision mapping will be invaluable for your construction project is it gives you the opportunity to address any concerns that may arise regarding the environment. For instance, soil testing will be undertaken to determine the quality of the soil and whether it needs to be stabilised before the construction can be underway.

Secondly, through subdivision mapping, young will also have to engage in water testing to determine the water quality and if it is safe for human use or consumption. Another aspect of subdivision mapping will be to identify any environmental features that are critical to the habitat and will have to be preserved during the construction process. Therefore, with subdivision mapping, you get to ensure that your construction will be viable and that it will not have a negative impact on the environment.