The Benefits of Using Screen-Shading and Solar Windows

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The Benefits of Using Screen-Shading and Solar Windows

11 December 2018
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When your HVAC system needs to work overtime, and the temperature inside your home is starting to rise, it's worth considering solar windows. Also known as screen shading, solar windows with a Renson-like finish come with lots of benefits. If you're not sure whether you want to add some to your home, it's worth learning more about what they do.

You should see a significant reduction in your energy bills 

Around 76-percent of the sun that hits your windows will turn into heat. And, around 30-percent of your property's heat energy loss is through windows. In both cases, a screen shade can prevent your HVAC system from working overtime. Rather than allowing the sun to enter directly through the windows, solar shades deflect some of the rays. As a result, you'll still benefit from natural lighting, but your air conditioning won't need to work quite as hard. When the temperature starts to drop during the winter, the shades will also trap some of the heat inside, so you won't need to spend as much money on heating your property.

You could help decorative items last longer

Certain decorative items shouldn't spend too much time basking in the sun. Natural light can cause photos, paintings and dyed textiles to fade. Although all of them will fade a little over time, you can slow the process down by letting fewer UV rays into your property. With the use of screen shades, you won't darken your property entirely. You will disrupt some harmful rays, though, allowing your decorative items to remain attractive for longer.

You can eliminate light glare in your office

If you have a home office that features large windows, you'll probably understand the frustrations that come with encountering too much light glare. Once the light starts to hit your laptop or computer screen, working comfortably can become difficult. Many Renson-like shades will prevent glare from occurring altogether. In addition to making your home office more comfortable in the short term, this is an excellent way to prevent UV rays from amplifying and slowly harming your eyesight.

Prevent peering eyes from looking inside

Finally, if you live on a busy street and you need to maintain your privacy, you can aim for screen shades that prevent passersby from looking in entirely. With the right shades, you can enjoy your front room in peace without having to shut yourself in the dark.

If you feel as though solar windows are right for your property, start discussing your plans with a professional.