Is It Time To Schedule Repairs For Your Double-Glazed Windows?

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Is It Time To Schedule Repairs For Your Double-Glazed Windows?

9 December 2018
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Windows are one of the most underrated structures in a house, despite how valuable they are for the overall comfort of your home. While your windows' primary function is to provide sufficient natural lighting, they are also responsible for the thermal resistance of your home. Once they are compromised, you will quickly notice that your residence is no longer as insulated as it once was. 

When it comes to glass repairs, a majority of people associate this service with cracked or broken windows. Nonetheless, these are not the only instances when it will be essential to have your windows attended to professionally. The following article looks a few of the things that should alert you to it being time to schedule repairs for your double-glazed windows. 

Condensation on your double-glazed windows

Condensation is typical on windows that are manufactured from annealed glass since they do not have any insulating properties. But if you have double-glazed windows and notice condensation continually forming on the glass, then you should start planning for glass repairs or having them replaced. Double-glazed windows are designed with a gap between them that functions to bolster their insulation. If the seal surrounding the glass is compromised, the double-glazed windows stop being airtight. As a result, moisture seeps into the gas layer between the glass and causes condensation to form. In these cases, it is likely that you will have to replace the double-glazed windows.

The double-glazed glass is either too hot or too cold

Another quick test you can carry out to determine if your double-glazed windows need replacing is by placing your hand on them. If it is during the summer and your window feel extremely hot, it means they no longer provide your home with an insulation barrier. Conversely, if the windows are incredibly cold during the winter, it implies the same thing. Once your double-glazed windows are incapable of insulating your home, you will be exposed to high air conditioning costs, so it is best to replace them.

The window frame is cracked or rotting

For your double-glazed windows to function at optimum, they need to be secured with stable window frames. But just like any other structure in your home, these frames are vulnerable to damage too. For instance, if the frame is cracked, it means that the interior layer of the double-glazed windows is now in jeopardy also and will need replacing. Alternatively, if the frame is rotting, it means the double-glazed windows are no longer securely in place and could break at any moment.