What to Review When Picking Your Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

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What to Review When Picking Your Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

5 December 2018
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Polycarbonate roofing sheets have so many applications in the home. Whether you're looking to build a new carport or replace your old pergola roof, choosing the correct polycarbonate roofing sheets is essential. But with a large selection of roofing sheets present in the market, making the right choice can be a bit confusing, especially if you're an average homeowner.

This guide outlines what to look into to ensure you choose the appropriate polycarbonate sheets for your roofing project.

The local climate

Your local climate is an important consideration when choosing polycarbonate roofing sheets. You'll need to use roofing sheets suited to the climatic conditions in your local area. If your home is located in an area that receives plenty of sunshine across the year, for example, you'll need to choose sheets that provide great thermal insulation and adequate UV protection. 

Where light transmission is given priority over thermal insulation, thinner polycarbonate sheets are desirable. Single-walled roofing sheets can provide better light transmission than their double-walled or multi-walled counterparts. But if you live in an area that's prone to hailstorms, choosing roofing sheets that offer maximum-impact resistance is a top priority. Multi-layered polycarbonate roofing sheets will outperform their single- and double-layered cousins in this regard.

Visual impact

Whether you like it or not, the appearance of the roofing sheets you choose is going to affect the kerb appeal of your residential property. If you're like many homeowners, you care about the appearance of your roof.

Polycarbonate sheets come in a wide variety of colours and shades, ranging from clear polycarbonate to coloured polycarbonate. Custom colours can also be provided upon request. Make sure you choose a look that will blend well with the features in your home's exterior. 

Cost factor

The different types of polycarbonate roofing sheets available go for different prices because they don't offer the same level of performance. When choosing polycarbonate sheets for your roofing project, look for sheets you can afford. In determining the most affordable roofing sheets your project, don't just focus on the prices. Establish what you need and choose a product that matches your needs and budget.

Your local climate is the biggest factor affecting your choice of polycarbonate roofing sheets. After all, you need your roof to protect the space beneath from harsh weather. But aesthetics and budgetary considerations matter as well. If you're still on the fence about which type of polycarbonate roofing sheets are right for you, talk to a roofing expert today.