Is a commercial shed perfect for your business?

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Is a commercial shed perfect for your business?

5 December 2018
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Are you seeking a home for your commercial business? One option you may not have considered is a shed. Often when people think of sheds, the image that comes to mind is a place to store items of gardening or farm equipment, or perhaps a space to put items that you only use on an occasional basis. That is not at all how you should think about commercial sheds. Large, purpose-built sheds can be used for industrial and commercial purposes as well as for storage.

What will your commercial shed look like?

A commercial shed can look almost any way you desire; the configuration is up to you. A large number of businesses operate out of commercial sheds, although the buildings may not look like your idea of a shed at all. Commercial sheds can be built and customised to your specifications and delivered to your site at your convenience. They can built of a range of materials including Zincalume or Colorbond, and the walls of your commercial shed can be insulated to provide whatever level of protection you desire. To enter your new shed, you can choose to have roller or sliding doors on your shed, or a personal access door if you prefer. Inside the shed, you can decide whether you want to fit windows, skylights or a mezzanine floor and how to layout all the internal space to best suit your business.

How can commercial sheds be used?

Your shed doesn't have to be a single large empty space. You can divide up the inside  of your shed in any way you wish. A mezzanine floor may be the first step, but you can also install one or more private offices or a sales area on the upper floor, leaving the rest of the building free for commercial activities. You can bring in whatever equipment or tooling you may need and customise the building until it takes on the character you need.

Talk to your supplier

If you are considering purchasing one or more commercial sheds but aren't quite certain which configuration would best suit your purposes or whether a shed can really be created to suit your business, then talk to your supplier today. Your supplier will be able to talk through the options with you and explain what is possible. If there is a particular feature you would like to include, then talking to the supplier is the best way to see if your needs can be accommodated