Features That Make a New Home More Attractive to Potential Buyers

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Features That Make a New Home More Attractive to Potential Buyers

3 December 2018
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When working with a home builder to construct new homes for sale, you want to ensure you include features that appeal to the widest range of buyers. What you, as a developer, may want in a home may not be what appeals to today's homebuyers, so it's good to think of features that will increase the value of your new homes and ensure they get sold as quickly as possible. Note a few of today's popular features that make a home more desirable to potential buyers and discuss these with your builder as needed.

Outdoor living spaces

While a home may be charming from the inside, many homeowners want to enjoy the outdoor space they have without needing to spend too much time and money fixing up that space. Creating an outdoor living space with a new home can then make it much more desirable to potential buyers. Consider an outdoor fireplace, deck with a pergola or other covering, built-in lighting, an overhead ceiling fan and other such touches that create a welcoming and restful outdoor space your buyers will love.

Plenty of space for food prep

Some decades ago, microwave meals were very popular as all the adults in the home began working outside jobs and there was no one home to cook big meals. However, today there are many cable cooking shows and online video channels that help even the busiest adults prep gourmet meals quickly and easily. Many people are also looking to explore healthy eating, alternative diets and the like. This means that today's homes should offer plenty of space for food prep and storage in the kitchen, a kitchen island, deep benchtops, walk-in pantry, oversized refrigerator and other such features.

Built-in storage

Homeowners may appreciate built-in storage beyond the standard closets in any new home they choose. This can include hidden storage, such as slide-out drawers under an open staircase or a small wine cellar that is built under the kitchen floor. It might also mean more organisers and even sliding bins in the closet in the master bedroom or built-in bins and totes in the garage. Sliding shelves in the kitchen cupboards make for easier access to pots and pans or other items, and having these installed in a new home allows a homeowner to simply move in and not need to add such features themselves. This, too, can make your new homes more desirable to potential buyers.