Knowing When You Need an Emergency Plumber

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Knowing When You Need an Emergency Plumber

30 November 2018
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The thing about plumbing is that every homeowner seems to be under the presumption that they can handle minor problems and save some money while they are at it. Granted, obscure issues like a little clog can be dealt with by a plunger. But what happens when your plumbing issues become recurrent? In fact, what people tend to overlook about DIY repairs is that chances are you will be aggravating the problem, leading to expensive repair costs by a certified plumber. Thus, it is imperative to seek professional services from the start. Below are some of the plumbing issues that need an emergency plumber, even if you fancy yourself to be good at DIY projects.

Faucets that keep leaking

One of the most prevalent plumbing issues you will find in a majority of homes, especially the older variety, is one or more leaky faucets. A small drip may seem innocuous, but keep in mind the gallons of water that drip will cost you annually. Not to mention the expensive water bills you will be paying with the current drought ravaging part of Australia. If you choose to handle this issue on your own, there is the likelihood of over-tightening the faucets and subsequently breaking it, which will lead to a more substantial leak. A safer bet is to call an emergency plumber who will have the right tools to address this problem. Furthermore, if the faucet is old and dilapidated, your emergency plumber could replace it for you and get rid of the leaks for good.

Whiffs of gas in your home

Another sign of a potentially massive plumbing problem is regularly catching whiffs of gas in your home. Gas leaks are never to be treated lightly because they are one of the leading causes of house fires. Additionally, when a gas leak is left unchecked, there is the risk of monoxide poisoning to everybody residing in that house. An emergency plumber should be one of the first people you reach out to because these professionals can be versed in both water and gas fittings. Hence, they will be able to locate the gas leak and have the right tools to attend to this problem. Take note that prolonged exposure to the fumes can cause brain damage.

Recurring clogs in your toilets

As was previously mentioned, minor clogging problems can quickly be remedied with a plunger. But the moment you find you are taking a plunger to your toilets on a regular basis, you should be alerted to a larger underlying issue. When clogs are left undeterred, your toilets can overflow, exposing your interiors to raw sewage that is highly toxic. An emergency plumber will best take care of this issue.

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