How to Select the Right Fill for your Tower Application

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How to Select the Right Fill for your Tower Application

13 November 2018
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One of the most common questions asked about cooling tower operation is how one can tell whether a certain type of fill will work for their tower. A water cooling tower applies the same basic principles that are applied by any other body in dissipating heat so as to cool down. Cooling happens fast when the heated object is spread out over a large area, which is why cooling towers are fitted with fillers. Here, are some tips that you will find useful when selecting an appropriate fill for your cooling tower.

Consider the water flow rate

The rate at which hot water is flowing into the tower and out of it is one of the main considerations that you need to think about when choosing a filler material and size. If the water is flowing fast, it needs many layers of filler for rapid cooling. On the other hand, if the water is flowing slowly, you can get away with fewer layers of cooling materials and still get the water down to the needed temperature.

The water inlet temperature

The temperature of the water at the inlet is another factor that determines how effective the filler you choose will be. The higher the temperature, the more layers you will need to cool everything down to the required temperature. The water outlet temperature is also important in the equation because the lower it should be, the more the water will have to circulate in the tower in order to get down to the recommended temperature.

The wet bulb temperature

 The wet bulb temperature is the factor that most people fail to understand in connection with their water cooling tower. The wet bulb is used to determine the relative humidity. The reading is gotten by getting the difference between the readings of the wet and the dry bulbs. Generally, the size of the filler material should be guided by the highest temperature that is recorded by the wet bulb.

These are the three factors that you should take into consideration when deciding on the type and size of filler material to get for your cooling tower. The ultimate goal of a cooling tower is to cool down the water to the desired temperature as efficiently as possible. As long as you have the right size of filler to suit your specific needs, the cooling tower and the filler will serve you without a hitch.

Contact a local company that installs and maintains cooling towers to help you pick the right cooling tower fill replacement for your needs.