Why You Should Never Ignore a Slow-Moving Drain

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Why You Should Never Ignore a Slow-Moving Drain

12 November 2018
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Do you often take things for granted at home, even though you know you should take a particular action? Some homeowners take this approach when it comes to their drainage system, as they can clearly see that the dishwater is taking a long time to disappear down the plug hole each afternoon. While there is undoubtedly a problem out of sight, it has not yet resulted in a catastrophe of any kind, and you may have more important things to do with your time. However, why should you take action as soon as possible and not tempt fate?

Disaster in the Making

Most people would constitute a drainage emergency as a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet bowl, and while these certainly motivate people to take action, they may be the result of a cumulative problem over time. If you're not careful, your current issue may one day result in an emergency call-out, and you may have to deal with the cost associated with the clean-up as well.

Partial Job

You may think that you can take action yourself, as there are a number of products available that claim to clear any drainage problems. For example, you may pour some liquid cleaner down the drain, wait for some moments and then add hot water. The problem may appear to be better, but as this is a harsh chemical, the likelihood is that it has just burned a hole through the actual blockage and not tackled your issue. You may also try to extend a drainage snake down into the depths, but this may also work through the clog rather than eliminating it, and you may think that you been successful, whereas you have not.

Handing It Over

When you call in a professional, they will bring the appropriate equipment to make sure that they get rid of the obstacle for good. For example, they may introduce video pipe inspection equipment so that they can steer a camera and light to the area and have a look at the extent of the problem. Often, they can use special tools that are introduced at the same time as the camera to deal with the issue and can then turn the device on again, to make sure the job is finished.

What to Do

So rather than leaving the problem to fester and risking a major emergency, pick up the phone and schedule a call instead for help with drain cleaning.