Could a retaining wall help you make better use of your garden?

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Could a retaining wall help you make better use of your garden?

12 November 2018
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Is your home built on a slope? Is there a challenging physical layout that is preventing you from making full use of your garden? One of the easiest ways to increase the amount of level ground available to your family is to build retaining walls on your property. In addition to creating a larger level area retaining walls are frequently used as a simple solution to drainage problems as they can be used to channel water away from your property. If you think that one or more retaining walls could be a solution for your home, then it is important to speak to a specialist who will be able to suggest the most appropriate type of wall for your home. 

Which material should you choose?

Aside from the location of your retaining wall the biggest decision which you will need to make is probably your choice of building material. Retaining walls can be made of a range of materials including concrete sleepers, pine sleepers, Besser blocks and Kopper logs. The right choice of material for your situation will depend not just on appearance, but also on durability and overall cost. A good retaining wall specialist should be able to suggest a material that is not only attractive and durable but also falls within your budget.

How will you use your retaining wall?

A retaining wall offers the possibility of a more functional garden. Your wall could allow you to create a fire pit, a pool area, a front yard or even an outdoor entertainment area. The possibilities are almost endless as a retaining wall lets you create the outdoor space that you want and to live in a way that is best suited to your lifestyle.

Building your retaining wall

In many cases, you do not need permission to build a retaining wall, but there are some circumstances where council approval may be needed. Your retaining wall specialists will be able to advise you and to guide you through every step of the application process. They will have had a lot of experience dealing with cases just like yours, so they will understand the correct approach to take when it comes to engineer designs, applications to build over sewers and similar situations that can arise when building walls.

Whatever type of retaining wall you want for your home why not call your local specialist to come out and give you a quote today? Getting them to look at your site is the most effective way of ensuring they can really appreciate the situation on the ground and provide you with an accurate quote for creating the ideal garden for your home.