How to Start Your Day on the Right Foot

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How to Start Your Day on the Right Foot

11 November 2018
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Most people are concerned about their outward appearance to one degree or another. Sometimes this can be critical, if you interact with people on a daily basis in a sales environment, for example. However, almost everybody wants to ensure that they look good before they leave the house in the morning and the time spent in front of their bathroom mirror is indeed well-spent. With so much on the line, why do you need to make sure that your mirror is well made, well-positioned and more than simply a pane of reflective glass?

Mirror, Mirror – on the Wall

If you're in the mood for a bathroom renovation, focus much of your attention on mirror placement. If this room is fairly small and not well lit by natural light, put it in the most logical location where people can view themselves in all their glory without having to be a contortionist.

Casting a Light

You may have to introduce strategically-placed lights and these days you can find a mirror that has LED bulbs inset all around the perimeter. These are very unobtrusive, quite powerful, energy-efficient and they will ensure that you have the appropriate amount of light for your daily ablutions.

Being Practical

While you are at it, add a couple of other utilities to the mirror to keep you on track. For example, you could have an inbuilt clock so that you never run late for work, a radio so you can listen to some tunes and a power outlet so that you can plug your shaver or another device in. Don't forget to include an integrated demister, as this can be crucial when you first jump out of the shower. If you need to clear away the humidity with your hand, you know that it will leave a nasty smear and make it difficult to see what you're doing.

To Infinity and beyond

Perhaps you want some special effects to brighten up your morning and, in this case, what about installing an infinity mirror? These use LED lights to help create an illusion of depth, and this may set you up for your adventurous day ahead.

Space Saver

If you're really challenged when it comes to space, you may be able to introduce a mirror that is also part of a hidden cabinet. This can be placed on a free wall, and the mirror will double as the door. While this idea is not new, you can certainly find very stylish and capable units these days.

What's Next?

Make your early morning routine enjoyable and practical by talking to your bathroom equipment supplier for some more inspiration on choosing bathroom mirrors.