How to choose the best demolition contractor for your commercial premises

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How to choose the best demolition contractor for your commercial premises

11 November 2018
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Interestingly, the chaotic process of demolition requires extensive planning. Before the bulldozers come out to work, you often need to obtain the necessary permits, put safety procedures in place and determine how the waste will be disposed of. And when you're demolishing a large commercial structure, the process is even more complicated.

To plan for a successful demolition process, you need a qualified and experienced contractor at your service. While it may first seem overwhelming to choose a demolition contractor, follow these four simple steps to find the best professional for the job.

1. Safety first! (Dealing with hazardous materials) 

The top concern when demolishing a commercial structure is safety. You need to ensure that your existing building is brought down safely and reliably. This means protecting nearby structures from third-party damage and handling any potentially hazardous materials (such as asbestos).

Make sure your contractor carefully plans how the demolition will be carried out. If you have an older building built before the 1980s, they should inspect it for asbestos before demolition. Similarly, your contractor should be able to check industrial structures for hazardous chemicals that may be released into the atmosphere during demolition.

2. Examine the equipment being used

The demotion process will only be as effective as the machines used for the job. You need a contractor who uses quality and reliable equipment to bring down your old building safely.

Most reliable demolition contractors use bulldozers (excavators) to destabilise the structure, backhoe loaders to remove debris from the location and dump trucks to transport waste to a relevant disposal site. Explosives may also be necessary for tall buildings.

3. Seek an accurate estimate

Experienced contractors are capable of giving you an accurate estimate of the job that lies ahead. They can take into consideration the size of your structure, your current location and any specific services you may need prior to demolition.

Using this information, your contractor should be able to provide an accurate and reliable estimate to help you prepare a budget.

4. What other services can you expect?

Demolishing a commercial property involves more than just bringing down the primary structure. You will also need to remove or recycle building materials, level the site to cover dangerous ditches and eliminate all rubble from the site.

Look for a contractor who offers these services as part of the demolition project. It can be inconveniencing to end up with a huge mess that you need to clean up after the main structure is brought down.