What your pontoon should look like in 2019

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What your pontoon should look like in 2019

10 November 2018
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Innovation, performance and style. These are three words that describe what lies ahead for pontoon designs in the upcoming year. Over time, pontoons have evolved from simple water vessels to an extension of your daily lifestyle.

More features are being embedded into pontoons to make them elegant, luxurious and stylistic. The older simplistic pontoons have now evolved into entertainment and recreational vessels that feature futuristic designs. If you're looking for a new pontoon in 2019, look out for the following advanced features.

Advanced navigation systems

Navigation systems on boats are nothing new. Even the earliest medieval ships had some sort of compass system that provided directions at sea. However, the advanced navigation systems on modern pontoons are truly one of a kind. Similar to what you would see in a luxury car, these systems have advanced features such as hands-free control, interactive maps and connectivity with Google earth.

By looking for a pontoon with these navigation systems, you don't have to worry about getting lost at sea. Some systems even allow you to transmit messages in the event of an emergency.

Comfortable seating

The traditional pontoon design featured tight and basic seats that only provided temporary rest. Newer pontoons now have luxurious seating options made from both natural and synthetic fibres.

Wool, cotton and linen work well for synthetic pontoon seats. They're comfortable, resistant to fading and can be sealed for water resistance. Leather is also a popular option for elegant and stylish pontoon seating. Just because you're on the water doesn't mean you shouldn't float in style.

Top-notch performance

For many years, pontoons have been viewed as inferior in performance and maneuverability (especially when compared to more sophisticated water vessels). However, 2019 models of pontoons are closing the gap in performance.

These newer models are fitted with highly powerful and efficient engines that provide better acceleration, stability and movement. In fact, newer pontoons outclass many other powerboats that used to outperform them in past years.

Exterior lighting to create an elegant outdoor look

Who said you can't take your pontoon for an evening water cruise? With newer pontoon models, you get an elegant and refreshing light show, both on the inside and out.

Exterior lighting typically surrounds the base of the pontoon so as to reflect and accentuate the elegance of your new boat. On the inside, a combination of recessed lighting and multiple colour options allow you to create many different themes with the push of a button. This attention to detail is what makes 2019 pontoon models so futuristic. Are you ready to go pontoon shopping?