Various Hardwood Species You Can Choose For Your Flooring

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Various Hardwood Species You Can Choose For Your Flooring

6 November 2018
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Electing to revamp the appearance of your home does not have to entail an entire overhaul of the property. If your budget is modest, but you want to make a huge change, you should consider replacing your tile floors with hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is surprisingly versatile since it is available in a broad range of species. But this vast selection can also make it challenging for you to choose the right hardwood flooring, mainly if you do not know the pros and cons offered by each hardwood species. The following article looks at a few of the various hardwood species that you can choose to re-floor your home.

Walnut hardwood flooring

If you are intent on purchasing high-quality timber to add a touch of elegance to your house, then walnut hardwood flooring is a great choice. And while walnut hardwood flooring comes with an expensive price tag, this inclusion to your home should be regarded as a long-term investment since the walnut hardwood flooring will provide you with unparalleled longevity and durability. In addition to this, walnut Harwood flooring is available in a vast array of colours ranging from medium brown hues to vibrant, dark browns.

Ash hardwood flooring

Homeowners that want to brighten up their space should consider purchasing hardwood flooring manufactured from the ash wood species. This type of timber is characterised by its light coloured hues, making it perfect for areas that you want to bolster lighting. Secondly, ash wood species are highly durable so as long as you take care of your flooring and refinish it from time to time, the material should last for decades on end. Lastly, ash remains a popular choice for homeowners looking to re-floor their house on a budget because it is an affordable timber species without sacrificing the aesthetic or longevity of the hardwood flooring.

Eucalyptus hardwood flooring

This timber species is another cost-efficient alternative that you could choose for your home. One of the main reason why eucalyptus is a favourite type of hardwood flooring is that it mimics the appearance of mahogany. So if the mahogany timber species is beyond your budget, then eucalyptus can be an excellent alternative. The second advantage of eucalyptus hardwood flooring is the intrinsic robustness of the boards. Hence, this type of hardwood flooring will fare exceptionally well in high traffic areas in your house. Eucalyptus hardwood flooring is bound to succumb to wear as time goes on, but these cosmetic damages can quickly be remedied through milling and the subsequent polishing of the surface.