The Different Ways Glass Splashbacks Can Benefit Your Kitchen

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The Different Ways Glass Splashbacks Can Benefit Your Kitchen

5 November 2018
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Your choice of materials that will be used in your kitchen will provide you with different functional benefits. For instance, granite and marble tend to be popular choices for benchtops due to how durable and strong they are. When it comes to splashbacks, homeowners tend to gravitate toward tiles, as this is the conventional option. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a way to update the appearance of your kitchen and enhance its aesthetic, then you should consider glass splashbacks. Besides adding beauty to your kitchen, there are different ways that glass splashbacks can be beneficial to your kitchen.

Extremely hygienic

The primary function of splashbacks is to protect your kitchen walls from staining, spills and more. As such, they have a propensity of becoming dirty on a regular basis, especially when they are installed over heavy-usage workspaces such as over the stovetop or above your kitchen sink. If you select a porous material for your splashbacks, you will find that you have to contend with rigorous cleaning on a regular basis. Since glass splashbacks are impervious, you would not have to worry about them absorbing any of the spillages and splashes that they are exposed to. All that you would need to do is wipe away their surface with some regular detergent and water, and your glass splashbacks will be as good as new.

Increased brightness in the kitchen

Light is a premium in the kitchen. It is not uncommon to find that some homeowners who will invest in additional artificial lighting for their kitchen, such as task lighting, to ensure that they have clarity when they are prepping and cooking. If your natural lighting is limited in the kitchen, you should consider glass splashbacks. The highly reflective surface of the glass will reflect the light available, making your kitchen more illuminated. In addition to reflecting light, you can also choose glass splashbacks that come with LED lighting. These splashbacks will also function as task lighting without you having to install additional lights in your kitchen.

Enhanced durability

Some people may be under the false impression that glass is too fragile a material to be used for splashbacks. Though this could not be further from the truth, the glass used to create these splashbacks is toughened, which makes it both scratch resistant as well as heat resistant. Therefore, you can install your glass splashbacks anywhere in the kitchen without having to worry about damaging them.