The 3 Benefits That You Get From GPS- Based Land Surveying

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The 3 Benefits That You Get From GPS- Based Land Surveying

5 November 2018
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GPS technology was adopted in land surveillance because of its ability to correctly articulate position including longitudes, latitudes, height, angles and the distance between two points. Today, it has become a necessity in surveillance, and it has many advantages over the traditional surveillance processes. GPS uses the 24 satellites which are located on the earth's orbit in determining the correct position of places. Here, are the benefits which you get when you take advantage of land surveillance.

1. Speed and accuracy

There are three types of GPS based surveillance techniques:

  • Static GPS Baseline
  • Real-Time Kinematic Observation
  • Continuously Operating Reference Stations

GPS technology supports surveillance by providing data which has the highest level of accuracy. When the right equipment is used, it takes less time to triangulate positions than when the traditional methods are used. Finally, because the process of collecting data is faster, the time taken to get the final results is reduced, making the entire process fast and reliable. 

2. Time, cost and labour savings

Traditional surveillance is costly, and it takes a lot of time. When the traditional techniques are being used, the surveyors have to make several visits to the site so as to make the needed measurements and record them. On the other hand, when GPS surveying is done, only one visit is needed to gather all the data to demarcate positions. There is also the fact that when GPS is used, even a single surveyor is able to complete tasks within a single day, and also able to complete the tasks which would traditionally take an entire team to accomplish.

3. Ability to work under a variety of weather conditions

Snow, rainfall and high temperatures do not affect GPS surveying the same way that they affect traditional surveying. The line of site visibility is not used in GPS surveying, which means that even when the visibility is poor, surveyors will still triangulate positions correctly. The ability to work during different seasons makes the process fast, reliable and affordable.

GPS technology has greatly transformed the land survey process and effectiveness. It is important to note that while GPS is very effective in land survey, it has not completely replaced traditional methods such as the use of theodolite and electronic distance meters. If you cannot handle the cost of GPS survey on the large scale, it has to be restricted to near trees and tall buildings. As long as a competent road surveying company is handling the process for you, the results will be accurate and reliable.