Follow These Tips When Selecting the Most Appropriate Abrasive Sand Blasting Media

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Follow These Tips When Selecting the Most Appropriate Abrasive Sand Blasting Media

5 November 2018
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Grit blasting has become the most popular method of removing old media from surfaces and covering them with new and better media. The process is also used to remove rust and grime from surfaces before preparing the surfaces for painting. Some of the most common blasting mediums include bead blasting, hydro blasting, bristle blasting, automated blasting and many others. Picking one from the many blasting mediums available in the market may seem a little complicated. Here, are some tips you should follow to choose the best.

Pick the softest medium available

If you haven't blasted a similar surface before, and you aren't sure whether your cover can handle an abrasive material, it is best to consider softer mediums and progressing towards something less gentle. Therefore, start with something like walnut shells or corn cobs for wooden surfaces. If the surface is made of concrete, you can use sand to start the blasting process. If the soft materials do not remove the layers you want to be done away with fast enough, consider replacing them with coarser materials.

Use glass beads for sheen

If the blasting process aims to have a smooth and shiny finish, consider using a medium such as glass beads. Since glass beads are made from fine particles of soda-lime, they place very little stress on the surface being blasted, which leads to a very smooth and even finish. Another benefit you will get from glass beads is that they can be recycled, which means you can use them several times before the need to replace them arises.

Carbide is best for fast etching

If you aim to achieve etching on surfaces such as glass, stone or other hard surfaces, you will find carbide the most appropriate abrasive medium. Carbide also works well when you want to remove rust from the surface of metals before welding. You could also use carbide to remove paint from surfaces that need repainting.

Finally, remember that if you want a perfect abrasive material for automotive applications, plastic is the best medium. While sand is one of the oldest mediums in the blasting process, you should use it with a lot of caution. In addition to the fact that sand creates rough and coarse finishes, it contains silica, which can cause a lot of respiratory damage to anyone who inhales it during the blasting process. Consult an expert on the most appropriate blasting material to use before you start the process.