How To Create A Modern Look In Your New Kitchen

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How To Create A Modern Look In Your New Kitchen

30 October 2018
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If you're planning the kitchen for your new home and are choosing between countertops, splashbacks and so on, it can be helpful to describe the look you're after. While you don't need to slavishly follow a formula, settling on a style can help you produce a unified design in your custom home. One popular style you could use to guide your choices is a modern kitchen.

 Choose Clean Edged Furniture

If you had to choose two words to describe this look, sleek and clean would be good choices. Straight lines and geometric shapes are favoured over organic or ornate detailing and decoration. A modern kitchen would have flat-panel cabinet doors rather than ornate, contoured ones. The handles are most likely simple pulls or else integrated within the cabinetry, rather than decorative antique brass drop handles. The countertop edges would more likely be flat and clean rather than carved and embellished. Choosing linear furniture without curvacious details will go a long way toward creating a modern kitchen.

Use Diverse Materials And Minimal Colours

Modern kitchens typically feature diverse materials such as concrete, stainless steel, acrylic, glass, stone and timber; often the appeal lies in the clean expanse and proportions of the elements themselves, as well as the contrast between them. The colour scheme of a modern kitchen is likely to be monochromatic, combining shades of greys and whites against bold accent colours, or else subtly integrating muted tones within a clean, minimal palette. 

Eliminate Clutter From Benchtops

Another key ingredient in a modern kitchen is the absence of clutter. Modern kitchen counters are smooth and uncluttered without ornaments such as spice racks or recipe books stacked along the surface. A typical ornament, such as a fruit bowl, might be made of glass or stainless steel. Appliances, such as microwaves, are hidden out of sight within custom built cabinets; even the rubbish bin is likely hidden behind a cabinet door. When designing cabinetry for a modern kitchen, careful planning is needed to create a place for everything. A modern kitchen is designed to maximise feelings of openness and spaciousness; evoking a tranquil calm environment. 

Because modern kitchens are so popular, it is relatively easy to create this design by installing sleek cabinetry and flat-edged benchtops: think clean and unfussy rather than ornate and detailed. Combining interesting textures such as glass, concrete and timber create appealing contrasts. A  custom homes builder can offer further advice on different kitchen options.