Consider These Factors before Making Your Walk-In Freezer Room

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Consider These Factors before Making Your Walk-In Freezer Room

30 October 2018
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Refrigerators are a must-have when you are running a grocery store, restaurant or other establishment where flowers and food products need to be stored in their fresh condition for extended periods. Since to success of your business will depend on the quality and freshness of the product that you hand over to the customer, you have to invest money and time when planning for the installation of one. Below are the most crucial considerations to have in mind when investing in a cold room for your commercial needs.

Location and space

Commercial kitchens do not get a lot of space spared for them. Walk-in freezers are, therefore, typically located near loading bays or back alleys. The orientation of the freezer room in relation to the kitchen also matters a lot because the people working in it will have to walk in and out of the room to get supplies all day long. You will decide on the amount of space that you need for the freezer depending on the size of the kitchen, the number of fresh products that you need to store in it and the periods of time that you need to store it.

Shelving and scalability

Take advantage of the storage capacity which is offered by the freezer room, if you have one on the premises. You, therefore need to install the shelving and create different time-zones. Make sure that you plan the space properly before your freezer room construction so you can carry out inventory without running into confusion. At the same time, you need to organise the room in a manner that leaves room for future growth.

When planning the space, consider the possibility that the business will expand in the future, and create a design that can accommodate more. Consider a remote cold room. Another consideration that most people do not make is the possibility of an isolated cold room, which will mean having the room a distance away from the commercial kitchen or other establishments. For example, you can store the large pieces of fish and other stock far away, but have a little freezer room where the food to be used for the day is transferred every 24 hours or so.

Other types of cold rooms available include integrated freezer rooms. Your needs and your budget should inform the choice you make. Consult experts before having these units installed for excellent guidance.