Two Types Of Garage Door Repair Work You Should Not Do Without The Help Of A Professional

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Two Types Of Garage Door Repair Work You Should Not Do Without The Help Of A Professional

23 October 2018
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While there some forms of garage door repair work that you can easily do yourself (such as sanding off and covering up flaking door paint, for example), there are other tasks that should only be carried out by a professional that specialises in fixing garage doors. Continue reading to find out what these tasks are.

Replacing the door spring

The spring that is attached to your garage door is designed to enable you to open and close the door quickly and easily. It features a coiled mass of metal, which winds up when the door is shut. This winding motion generates energy, which is held in the spring until you next open the door, at which point it is released as the spring unwinds. This release of energy results in the spring unwinding in a very forceful manner (this forcefulness is what ensures that the door opens quickly without you having to apply a lot of pressure when pushing it).

If you try to attempt to replace the spring, there is a significant risk that when you compress it to secure it into place above the garage door, it will uncoil with a great deal of force (as it takes a lot of physical strength to hold the spring in a coiled position).

If you are standing on a ladder when the spring strikes you, you could not only end up with severe injuries when you are hit by the spring but could also end up being hurt by being knocked off the ladder and falling onto the floor of your garage.

This is why, if this component breaks, you should find someone who specialises in replacing broken garage door springs and allow them to perform this task.

They will have the tools, the physical strength and the skills that are necessary to carry out the replacement without injuring themselves or others.

Replacing a broken door lock

If your garage's door lock has been damaged, you should call a tradesperson who specialises in fixing garage doors and arrange for them to fit a new lock. The reason for this is as follows: fitting a new lock is not as simple as it sounds. If you make a mistake (for example, if you fail to tighten the screws properly), the lock may not function properly.

This could be problematic for two reasons. Firstly, it would make it extremely easy for a thief to gain access to your garage and subsequently ransack it. Secondly, if your garage does end up being ransacked and you contact your insurance provider to make a claim to cover the cost of the damage and the stolen goods, the insurance company could refuse to pay out if your policy states that any repair work must be performed by a professional tradesperson.

In this situation, you would then have to pay to repair any damage done to your garage and to replace any items that the thief stole. This could end up costing you a huge amount of money (considerably more than the amount you would pay a tradesperson to fit a new lock on the garage door).