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If you plan to build a new home, you will no doubt have lots of questions about how best to proceed. I am here to help you to understand the different things you need to consider when planning and constructing a new property. I don't work in the construction industry but last year, I successfully built a new property using a team of construction contractors. The contractors were real professionals who worked quickly and to a very high standard. They were very kind to me and took the time to explain exactly what they were doing at each stage of the construction job.


2 tips for those who want to renovate a house with a damaged foundation

1 November 2018
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If the foundation of the house that you plan to renovate has sustained damage, here are a few tips that you might find helpful. 1. Tackle the source of the damage before having the foundation underpinned If the damage that the foundation has sustained has rendered it structurally unstable, you will probably have to arrange to have it underpinned by a tradesperson who specialises in house underpinning. This process involves fitting solid columns (which are usually made from steel) into the foundation. Read More …

How To Create A Modern Look In Your New Kitchen

30 October 2018
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If you're planning the kitchen for your new home and are choosing between countertops, splashbacks and so on, it can be helpful to describe the look you're after. While you don't need to slavishly follow a formula, settling on a style can help you produce a unified design in your custom home. One popular style you could use to guide your choices is a modern kitchen.  Choose Clean Edged Furniture Read More …

How to Plan a Cattle Feed Bunk

30 October 2018
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Concrete feed bunks streamline the way cattle are fed. These bunks are basically troughs that your cattle feed from that run along areas of your farm's land or its buildings. They are a useful food receptacle and make it easier for members of a herd to get the right amount of feed at the right times. Deciding to install a feed bunk does take some thought, however. You need to make sure that you build the right size of bunk for your livestock's needs. Read More …

Consider These Factors before Making Your Walk-In Freezer Room

30 October 2018
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Refrigerators are a must-have when you are running a grocery store, restaurant or other establishment where flowers and food products need to be stored in their fresh condition for extended periods. Since to success of your business will depend on the quality and freshness of the product that you hand over to the customer, you have to invest money and time when planning for the installation of one. Below are the most crucial considerations to have in mind when investing in a cold room for your commercial needs. Read More …

Is Jarrah a Suitable Wood for Jetties?

29 October 2018
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If you've got your heart set on building a wood jetty, then you need to source timber that can cope with being close to and in contact with water on a regular basis. It also needs to be able to handle other issues, like the weather and pests. When you ask your neighbours about the woods they used to build their jetties, a fair few tell you to use jarrah. Why is jarrah good for jetties? Read More …